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 The CDs

The annual CDs contain each more than 300 photographs related to railways, mostly rolling stock, especially freight wagons.

All photos have been scanned fron 24x36 mm B/W negatives. From 1973 on, an increasing part of the photos will be in colours up till 1999 whereafter all pictures are in colours.

The negatives were scanned first in 2400 dpi TIFs and then converted to compressionless JPGs. This should ensure good prints in 13x18 cm (5' x 7') or even bigger sizes at your local photoshop or at your own printer. When ordering prints, always ask for "uncut" prints. You might get some white boxes in the print, but you will also get all of the picture too in the print. Maybe your photodealer could offer you an elongated print such as 10x24 cm (4' x 9½'), which will suit the size of my scans better.

The CDs with "other related topics" have scans of similar size as the above mentioned. Only, these are scans from mostly historical prints and can hardly be made more detailed than the original picture. Apart from the TIF files, these CD's also contain a folder with the scans converted to JPG and reduced in size to 600x800 dpi including a line of text explaining the picture.These smaller scans are suitable to be shown as a slide-show on your PC. When ordering prints, always take it from the larger files (mostly the TIF files).

Remarks about Copyrights:

The scans and pictures are subject to regulations under international laws of copyright and especially the danish equivalent law called Ophavsretsloven. The pictures may not be used for publication of any kind including the www without the written permission of the owner of the copyright. I, Per Topp Nielsen, is the owner of the copyright on all the annual CDs. My address, as well as new CDs for sale can be found on my website. The owner of copyright for pictures on the other CDs, are given on the actual CD.

You may copy the original CD for your own private use only. You may resell the CD only if all copies go along with the original. You are not allowed to sell or give away the CD or a copy of it, keeping one for yourself.

You may print the pictures at home, or have them made for you, for your own private use only. You may give them away for free but do not use them or sell them in any commercial capacity whatsoever.

Contents of the annual CDs:

Contents of:   CD 1971CD 1972CD 1973CD 1974CD 1975 • CD 1976

Contents of "other related topics" CDs:

Contents of:   CD no. 1CD no. 2CD no. 3 part A & part BCD no. 5

Bestilling - How to order - Bestellung

Hver CD koster Dkr 250,- + Dkr 50,- til CD, kopiering og porto.   Ialt Dkr. 300,- pr. CD.

4 x CD = Dkr 1000,- (€135)

CD'erne kan i Danmark bestilles ved indsættelse af beløbet på BG girokonto 3180255 til
Dansk Jernbanearkiv - postboks 36 - DK-4990 Sakskøbing - Danmark

To order you may choose to send me €40 for each CD in a Recommended letter to the above adress!
Zu bestellen aus dem Ausland bitte ich €40 in einen Brief einschreibend an der Adresse oben zu senden.

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