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This is my first attempt to make an entry on the web. Pleas excuse my language. Normally it is not english, and I may stumble over the words now and then. Corrections are welcome.

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Please find the following topics on my pages:

Wanted books and other related items  - also stolen books!

Traveling looking for railways - and specially for freight wagons.

Odds an ends - interesting things about ....

International Goods wagons Archive - IGA

The freight wagons in Europe.

The UIC numbering scheme - specially the UIC 438

Industrial railways and history New 9.02.2003

Suburban railways with freight traffic

Model railways just like the big ones

Danish Railway Archive - Sales dept. - Products

BLOKPOSTEN magazine - colour pictures of danish railways

Links to other web sites like mine

The contents of my web pages mirrors my interest i railways. But over the years i have developed special interest in the following topics, which I even writes books an articles about:

Freight wagons from all over Europe
Numbering schemes to enlist railway wagons
Narrow gauge as well as standard gauge industrial railways
Electrified suburban railways with freight traffic
Imitate all this in model (railways)

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