London & Devon (Paignton) 

25.06.1969 - 12.07.1969

  I sommeren 1969 deltog jeg i en "International Summerschool" ferie til England med base i Paignton/Devon. Med fly til Gatwick, overnatning i London og derefter tog fra Paddington til Paignton. På den tid var strækningen over Paignton til Kingswear endnu i drift. Hjemrejsen skete med fly fra en mindre flyplads i Exeter.
  In the summer of 1969 I joined an "International Summerschool" trip to England with base in Paignton / South Devon. First by air to Gatwick and after a day in London by train to Paignton. The line over Paignton to Kingswear still worked at that time. The travel home again by air from a very small air field by Exeter. No buildings and custom control from an old dining room table placed open air at the runway.

Paddington 25/6 and 26/6 1969
I had a glimpse of the early morning newspaper train out of Paddington.
Alas I did not take many notes at this occasion, but manage to recall the following:
Classifications are put in brackets, while at that time I did not know they had one.
Class 22: D6336
Class 47: D1652
Class 52: D1008

Royal Mail, SIPHON's and alike:
W9200 W1016W W1044 W2791W W1329 W1332 W305 M81354
Passenger stock:
(TSO)? W5438 W5437 W5319 W4915
(RB)? W1754 W1653 W4 (!)
(RU)? W1915
(FO)? W3051
(FK)? W13511 W13502
Royal Oak 27/6 1969
During the 26/6 we visited Trefalger square, Madame Tousseau, The planetarium and saw "Of Canterbury Tales" in a theater.
Afternoon was of and I walked down to Royal Oak platforms nearby the hotel. 
AI crossed the street at a sign saying "Pedes-trains cross here". Not so strong in the english language then, I wondered were those trains crossed the street.
Class 08: D3600 D3601 D3954 D4000
Class 22: D6343
Class 31: D5535 D5536
Class 35: D7065
Class 42: D816 D817
Class 43: D864
Class 47: D1592 D1648 D1662 D1675 D1687 D1691 D1917
Class 52: D1000 D1013 D1021 D1027 D1035 D1045 D1052 D1063 D1066

SHOCVAN   B852526 -0155 -4559 -4929 -3597 -1874 -0539 -2973 -0775 -4767 -0607 -3256
          B855000 -1953 -0306 -2794 -4126 -1133 -4398 -4390
VAN       M507866 M519879
VANFIT    B751005 B760573 B757931 B759560 B773370 B764201 B777933
MINERAL   E275427 E276749 E276412 E312022
HIGH      E276749 B481912 B282549 B479352
GRAMPUS   DB990769 DB451038
COAL VAN  B90951 B81910 B260171 B222227 B252423 B164937 B201988K B155850
BRAKE VAN B954824 B951038
??        S56960 S56895 

Paignton 28/6 and 29/6 1969
Installed by the coach family I had only a little time to look for railways.
Class 08:  D4014
Class 52:  D1023
DMU:       W50865-W59372-W50921

(BCK) ?    W21193
Trip down river Dart
We were invited to a boat trip down the river Dart ending in Dartsmouth, with a ferry across the river to Kingswear.
The trip took place one day between 30/6 and 15/7. Cannot remember the excact date. Nothing much railway to report here,
but as we stood in Kingswear waiting for the bus back to Paignton, a frontloader tipped the signalbox over below us.
Funny this should happen excactly when we stood waiting there.

Paignton 3/7 to 16/7 1969
After school I could look around for railway traffic at Paignton station.
Class 08:  D4129 D4160
Class 42:  D816 D808
Class 43:  D834 D850
Class 47:  D1725 D1678 D1985 D1660 D1928
Class 52:  D1058 D1057 D1068 D1052 D1060 D1009
DMU:       W51327 W51317 W59469 W51302 W51312

(BSK) ?    M34517 (maroon) W34813 W34872 W34901 W34860 W35032 W34632
(BFK) ?    W14105
(SK) ?     W26103 W25971 W26111 W26097 W24679 W25161 W26067 W24907 M25073 M25452 - all blue/white
(SK) ?     M25150 M25149 M24831 - all maroon
(FO) ?     W3051
(FK) ?     W13273 W13285 W13269 W13502 W13501
(SO) ?     W5206 W5038 W4742 W4778 W4421 W4049 W4747 W4748 W4230 W4154 W5437 W5438
           W5342 W5453 W5440 W5456
(TSO) ?    W5027
(BCK) ?    W21188 M21197 (maroon)
(CK) ?     W15539 W15807 W15038 M15025 (green)
(BG) ?     W81246 W81264
(SL..) ?   Sleeping car W1769E
(RB) ?     W1754
(RMB) ?    E1824 W1831
(RU) ?     W1924
CCT        M94846 M37069 S2527S S2547S
INSUL FISH E87534 E87856 E87781 E87027 E88041 E87845
TUBE       B136647
GRAMPUS    DB990702

Like to see more ?
There are a couple of new videos from 51 years later (6/7-2020) available, taken from the front window on a trip to and from Paignton:
- and vice versa: